It is an open competition so anyone can participate in it. Participants must be of age 15 years and above can enter into the competition.
The image uploaded should be minimum 2 MB and maximum 8 MB in the file size.
The image must be of .JPEG or .PNG or PDF file format.
The minimum size is 12 x 12 inches and maximum size is 48 x 48 inches. Canvases of any size in between are also accepted. The art form of mixed media and sculptures are also to follow the same dimensions.
Acrylic, Watercolour, Woodcut, Oil Paint, Tempera, Etching, Drawing, Charcoal, Pen and Ink, Pastels, Textile, Drypoint, Mixed Media, Pour Painting Mediums, Alcohol Ink, Ceramics and Sculptures.
The winners’ artwork would required to sent to the company address and shall be retained by the petrichor touch. On winning, the artist shall transfer all the copyrights of the painting to the company for further display and exhibitions.
There are no restrictions as such for the participation in an online art competition. All necessary details are provided on the form so as to properly classify your entry. The only restriction is with the regard to the size of the original artwork, which can be between 12 x 12 inches and 48 x 48 inches.
The winning prize is of INR 50,000.
Yes, the original artwork must be signed by the artist. The form filled for the participation includes the small description section which has to be filled respectively.
Winners would be notified via an email and their rankings must be displayed on the website (www.thepetrichortouch.com) and our official pages of social media.
The winners would receive the winning prize amount in the form of a cheque of or demand draft, that would be sent to their residential address
The participants must be receiving a confirmation email to verify their enrolment in the competition.
The confirmation email sent to the participant will include their payment receipt.
The petrichor touch has an esteemed panel of judges, some of them are even profiled on the website. The judges unbiasedly choose the winners based on the regulations followed by the participants on submission of their art work.
The participants can click on the button provided (Register) and fill up the form with required details. The details must include email address as a mandatory form, which will be mode of communication in case of any necessity. After uploading the details, upload a clear image of the art work and write a short description about it. The image uploaded will be subjected to evaluation. On winning, the participants would be notified and requested to send the original art work to the company address by courier/ national post.
Each participant is limited to only one upload at a time.
Kindly refer to the terms and conditions page for detail information.
Once the form is filled and payment is made for the submission, there cannot be any additional changes made. The submitted image and information shall be final once uploaded in the form. You can verify your entry on the notification email sent to you with the participation receipt
All entry fees are directed from the payment gateway which includes mobile wallet, credit card payment and or debit card payment. There is no provision of cash payment for the submission of entry fees.
The submitted art work must be a product which is unused in any other platforms before. The artwork cannot be older than three years if there’s a date stamp mentioned on it. The art work would be considered plagiarised if used in multiple platform of exhibition display or competition or online/offline selling purpose.
No, the artwork previously judged are not acceptable in this competition. All art work must be original and recognition free. This is important to provide all participant equal chances of winning the prize.
You can click on the register button on the home page. The enrolment form is all available in this link _________________
NO, you won’t be directly informed about not being shortlisted. However the details of the winner would be displayed on the website as well as our official social media pages.
Yes, you can enrol in multiple competition at a given time. However, the entry of uploads in each competition is limited to a single unit.
The contacting form is present on the home page for questions. Although for any more enquiries, you can reach out by email to the competition organisers at info@thepetrichortouch.com.

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