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This agreement represents terms and conditions between Participants and The Petrichor Touch. Before submitting the art work, participants who are willing to take part in any competition on our website (www.thepetrichortouch.com) must agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. All the art work submitted by the participants are their original work and are not copied from any existing artist, institution or organisation in any way.
2. All the art work submitted by the participant must be new and not used in any other platform before this competition. If found the art work plagiarised from another entity, the art work would be cancelled from the competition.
3. Any images uploaded containing illicit content or pornography or satanic content shall be not considered in the competition and will be disqualified from further participation in any competition organised by The Petrichor Touch.
4. Only photographs of the art work are to be submitted while participating in the competition. All kind of videos are prohibited to upload in the art competition.
5. All participants must be of age 15 and above to participate in open theme competition. In the theme-based competition, age of participants are mentioned on the eligibility criteria for the given particular theme and competitions.
6. Each artist is limited to only one upload at a time. Multiple uploads from different forms must not be considered in the competition. If found any repetition in the uploaded artwork image, the selection will consider the hierarchy of first-come-first-considered for the judges to consider the winning work.
7. Experimental art works and mixed techniques are welcomed.
8. All the images which are already submitted and seen on The Petrichor Touch website are not to be resubmitted.
9. Image size should be upto Minimum 2MB and Maximum 8MB in the image format of JPEG/PNG/PDF. The content of the image must be clearly visible and promptly differentiable. If the content of the image uploaded is not clear or hazy or blurred or visibly stamped by subsequent text, the image will not be registered in the competition.
10. Competition is open to all 3 Dimensional Artist who can comply within the regulations of art work to be submitted for the given competition.
11. Competition is open to all amateur and professional artists.
12. If a particular theme is assigned to any competition entry, the submitted art work must be related or based on the theme provided for the competition. If the theme is unspecified, the art work may vary from any formal theme. Although a short description for the art work is highly advised to add while uploading the image. This will help the judges to know more about the idea behind the art work.
13. The art works submitted by the participants can be used by the company for marketing, promotional and display purposes for any competition on our website, pamphlets, articles, news, social media content and gallery newsletters.
14. You, the artist agrees to allow The Petrichor Touch to archive the chosen artwork as the part of exhibition including both online and offline display. This art work shall be available for the public viewing on our website (www.thepetrichortouch.com) and official social media pages.
15. Accepted entries would be notified by the email address provided by the participants.
16. Selected art work will include artist name, title of work, about the artist and a link back to their website or email address if they do not have a website. The artist shall give rights to promote their art work for sale/resale if selected as the winner of the competition.
17. The rights of selected and winning art work will hereby transfer to The Petrichor Touch. All the rights shall be withheld by The Petrichor Touch for the further usage of the selected art work.
18. Artists shall retain all copyrights of any image they submit to the competition held by The Petrichor Touch.
19. If won, the artist needs to send the selected art work by a courier/post mail to the designated company address of The Petrichor Touch.
20. If the terms and conditions of the competition art work are not met by the artist, the art work shall be disqualified from the competition.
21. Images of regular participants shall be not be resold, exchanged or copied from this site except the winning art works.
22. Only the winning art works or the selected art work from the competition shall be used to transfer the rights from the Artist to The Petrichor Touch. The rights of images shall hereby transferred from the photograph uploaded to the actual art work selected, which would be couriered in physical to the company address.
23. Other significant copyrights to all participants for the upload of images shall stay intact and are not reused without a prior notification and consent of the artist themselves.
24. Terms and Agreement met by the winner shall be provided separately to their email address submitted in the form. Such agreements are separate from the enlisted agreement of the competition.
25. The winning prize amount will either be sent to you on your residential in the form of cheque/ demand draft or shall be transferred to your personal bank account provided in the selection email form (Once selected).
26. The judges for competition are unbiased and stay true to their evaluation process as seem fit as per the competition organized by The Petrichor Touch.
27. Once selected by the judges, the artist shall be notified by the email mentioned in the form while submitting the image of the art work.
28. If found, the regulations unfulfilled by the artist while submitting the details of their art work, the section will stand null and void. In that case, the second most voted art work by the judges would be considered as the winner.
29. Submission deadlines are to be strictly followed for the particular competition.
30. Entree Fees for the competition is Non-Refundable.

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